Friday, September 30, 2011

File #:26 Subject: New Tattoo Design

I started working on a new tattoo design shortly after I got my last tattoo.  It's of the year of the ox symbol of the chinese zodiac.  I don't have any spiritual attachment to it, but of all the zodiac signs that are attached to my birthday, it is the one that actually seems to describe me.  I wanted to find a cool way to put it on my right lower leg.  The idea started out as just the symbol on the back of my right calf.  After two or three weeks of thinking about that, I wasn't too crazy about it.  I was thinking bigger, something that would cover a lot of my lower leg.  After trying a few tribal designs incorporated in and around the ox symbol, I finally found a tribal ox and was able to put the symbol in that design.
I love this design! My plan is to have it on my lower right leg, the symbol and "face" on the outside of my leg facing to my right with the horns about an inch apart on the inside of my leg.  I spent a ton of time finding the right design, and spent the whole time, plus some, weighing the pros and cons of this tattoo.  Would I regret it?  What would make me regret it?  Could this tattoo hurt my professional life?  How would it look in 20 years?  Would my leg hair grow back, or would I have an awkward bald spot on my leg?  So far, none of the answers to these questions has detered me from wanting this tattoo.

What will deter me from getting it? Angelina watching a documentary on the "body art/self mutilation" arguement.  She likes my current tattoos, but is not crazy about this one because it doesn't have a meaning like my first two do.  Maybe she's right, but that doesn't mean I still don't get the itch.  I will be getting my kids' names tattooed on me whenever we have kids.  So maybe I can wait until then to scratch the itch.  In case I can't wait, I still like to have options.  Maybe I'll put this design on the back burner and start on another one.  I will probably use hockey as the theme for a new design, but I don't want to over hockey myself (HA, like that's possible, hockey's not a sport, it's a way of life!), because I already plan on a tattoo of the Sabres logo and a Stanley Cup if/when they win it.

I would like to hear what you think of the above design, and if you have any good ideas for new designs, lets hear those too!

Speaking of hockey, I have to go get ready to go to the UK hockey game, starts at midnight!  Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

File #:25 Subject: Busy is an understatement

Life has been crazy recently! Here's a brief overview:

1) Angelina's mom died in a motorcycle accident
2) Ice hockey started
3) We got a kitten
4) We had a yard sale
5) I worked on a new tattoo design

For those of you who read this blog that know Angelina and I know about everything going on the past couple of weeks with the loss of her Mom.  I am not going to go into too much detail yet because I want o have Angelina give the okay on anything I post here about this subject.

The other subjects I will work on and try to get out by next weekend.  We are heading to California this weekend, and I will try to focus and draft up some of these while on the plane.  Please don't lose hope in this blog, I promise that once things calm down I will try to at least do one a week.

Thank you all for coming back after such a long wait, and please don't be disappointed with just a teaser post.