Wednesday, September 21, 2011

File #:25 Subject: Busy is an understatement

Life has been crazy recently! Here's a brief overview:

1) Angelina's mom died in a motorcycle accident
2) Ice hockey started
3) We got a kitten
4) We had a yard sale
5) I worked on a new tattoo design

For those of you who read this blog that know Angelina and I know about everything going on the past couple of weeks with the loss of her Mom.  I am not going to go into too much detail yet because I want o have Angelina give the okay on anything I post here about this subject.

The other subjects I will work on and try to get out by next weekend.  We are heading to California this weekend, and I will try to focus and draft up some of these while on the plane.  Please don't lose hope in this blog, I promise that once things calm down I will try to at least do one a week.

Thank you all for coming back after such a long wait, and please don't be disappointed with just a teaser post.

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