Sunday, June 26, 2011

File #: 22 Subject: Getting Fit

I haven't posted on here for awhile, I've been trying to get the courage to write this post and you will see why in a minute.  I honestly can't believe I'm doing this, but below are pictures of me from every angle.  They are what I look like now, at 195 pounds.  I wanted to post them on here as a reference for me in the future and as motivation to keep up the work I've been doing.  This time last year I was 235 pounds.  Between going to the gym and Angelina cooking healthy foods, I have been able to drop 30 pounds so far.  I have also gotten over most of my snacking habits.  At work I drink water instead of grazing all day.  The biggest hurdle for me is portion control.  It doesn't matter if Angelina cooks healthier if I still eat three plates of it. 

My end goal is to be down to 185.  hopefull before the end of the year.  Angelina has started going to the gym with me, and that has helped me go on a more regular basis.  I'll update everyone on this more later, with hopefully great results.


  1. Congratulations!! (On losing the weight and on having the courage to post photos.) I've lost 60 pounds in the past year...maybe I should post shirtless photos. ;o)

    But on a serious note, that's really, really great. You've worked really hard it sounds like.

  2. @Joezayfan Thanks! I haven't done so well so far this month with my vacation and all. I have some making up to do in the next couple of weeks because I will officially be starting ice hockey next month.