Sunday, July 24, 2011

File #:24 Subject: New Workout Method

I have started a new approach to my workouts recently.  I have cut out most of the free weights and weight machines from my routines.  I still do dumbbell curls ('cause it's good to have big guns) and benchpress sometimes, but now I mostly do plyometrics.  My strength workouts now consist of push-ups, pull-ups and other similar exercises.  The most recent activity I have added (courtesy of Becky's birthday present to me) is the punching bag.  I purchaced a pair of MMA gloves and gave the heavy bag a good beating today.  It felt great!  Beating the crap out of that bag, working up a sweat and getting any frustration out was amazing.  I'm hoping it also helps with some eye/hand coordination and speads up my hand reaction times also.  I'll let everyone know how this all goes soon. I will be updating my "Getting Fit" file soon, if I can swallow my pride and admit I haven't done too well this past month.

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