Tuesday, April 12, 2011

File #:14 Subject: First Round Predictions

Sabres in six!

Boom! Right to the point! How about that?

The first game is going to be key.  We will see if Miller is really healthy or not.  Watch the first goal that Columbus scored during the regular season finale.  That is not Miller at 100%.  I'm sure that Miller will start in game one, but the Sabres need to realize that they have a very capable back up in Enroth.

Once we're past that first game, we have plenty of players with playoff experience that can help lead our talented newbies.  According to the Sabres website, the Sabres are combined for almost 700 playoff games. Rob Niedermayer being the only one to hold the cup, and a couple players who have played in a game seven of the finals.  With that experience also comes the desire to hoist the cup.  Especially from Hecht, Pominville, Connolly, Gaustad, Vanek, Miller, and Roy.  They have gone to the Eastern Conference Finals with the Sabres twice.

The Sabres are going in the right direction to the top.  We have one of the best coaches in history, and I feel like the team chemistry has always been strong.  If we can get a #1 scorer that will be another huge step.

Keep your playoff beards growing, and I hope to be doing a second round prediction post here soon!

All the statistics in this post are from http://www.sabres.nhl.com/.

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