Tuesday, April 19, 2011

File #:16 Subject: Dog Park and Yard Update

Another beautiful afternoon today motivated me to go to the dog park again.  I probably should have gone to the gym, but I know at least Bruno was happy about my decision.  Bruno loves getting to go meet other dogs and smelling all the new smells.  I love watching him try to play with the other dogs.  Especially when the other dogs are chasing a ball.  The action of the ball being thrown usually startles Bruno, then he follows the other dogs when he sees them running.  The other dogs usually pass him on their way back.  When Bruno finally makes it out to where the ball landed, he sniffs the spot, then runs back behind everyone else.  It's really funny to watch, I'll try to get video sometime soon.  After about an hour running around the dog park we decided it was time to head home and get some dinner.

Leaving the park. Don't worry I wasn't driving yet.

I haven't updated everyone on my yard prject recently.  It's been a couple weeks since Brandon and I finished up my fron yard.  I've been diligently watering the new grass seeds and this is what has popped up.  A couple more weeks and I will have to start mowing it. 
I hope that it lasts through the summer.  I have had a hard time keeping grass through the hot, dry summers.  The seed that I bought this time seems like it works well though, so I know what to get next time.  Hopefully I'll have a healthy looking lawn in the next couple of years.

Below are some pictures of our knockout roses, those are doing well this year also.  I can't wait until they're HUGE!

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