Saturday, May 14, 2011

File #:18 Subject: Tattoo Two

After months of planning and waiting, I went and got my second tattoo last night.  The idea started out as an ambigram of my last name with a celtic knot.  Matt, the tattoo artist I go to, took his artistic abilities and changed it up to match my other tattoo.  My last name is now in a celtic font with the knot on either side of my name.  Below is a picture of the stencil on my arm before we got started.

The process took about two and a half hours.  The tattoo part was a bit uncomfortable, but sitting still for that long was the hard part.  The time goes by fairly quickly, between checking out all the posters in the room and talking hockey with Matt.  I enjoyed that I knew what it was going to feel like this time around.  Before my first one I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to handle the pain, luckily it actually doesn't hurt too bad.  There were a few spots that were more sensitive than others.  A bad place was on either side of the tattoo in the top corners.  In the picture below, where Matt's index finger is was a bad spot. 

Below is the finished product.  It turned out excelent!  I had thought about using color in the knot, but at the last minute I decided not to.  Angelina and I agree that that was the best decision.  After seeing it finished, I think it should be easy to add onto it in the future.  I plan to add my kids' names to it whenever Angelina and I have some.
Another thing I enjoy about tattoos is taking care of them.  The first week or two when I use "A&D" cream on it to keep it moisturized is my favorite.  "A&D" has a very unique smell to it.  I think it has fish oil as an ingredient, and that's what makes it smell funny.  I started enjoying the smell after awhile when using it on my first tattoo, and that's why it's almost comforting smelling it again.  It brings back the memories of taking care of my first one.  I hope that you all enjoyed reading about my tattoo at least a fraction as much as I enjoyed getting it.

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  1. Looks great, Ryan! So in a few years, we'll see José on there, because that's what you're going to name your son? Haha.

  2. @ Joezayfan, it's looking like it so far. We're always keeping our eyes out for new and fun names, but Jose is still at the top of the list.