Monday, December 12, 2011

File #:27 Subject: New Job

*Wipes dust off of blog*

Hello? Anybody still out there?

So obviously I haven't been updating my blog recently.  I looked back at File #:25 and I'm probably not going to follow up on those planned posts.  The post I had for Angelina's mom  was started, but I had written over 10 pages in a spiral notebook throughout the trip and just have not typed it all up.  I still have the notebook, so maybe I'll make the time to type it up.

Anyway, to todays subject...

NEW JOB!!! After five years as the internal auditor at the credit union I work at, I finally got a promotion!  Earlier this year a second indirect loan processor position was created.  I thought about applying for it, but I didn't feel it was the right time and it was eventually filled.  We were preparing to add a second auditor and I wanted to stick around and help with that addition.  Once that had happened, I was once again ready to move to a different position.  I or the most part enjoyed the position I was in, but it was more of a job than a career and with Angelina talking about a bigger house and a b... b... baby (Phew, I am still getting used to saying that last part), I needed to find a job with more of a future.  Then the indirect loan processor position opened back up, I decided that the postiton opening back up was a sign to try for it.  I applied, and waited, and waited.  About a month and a half later the loan ops supervisor contacted me and set up an interview with me.  I had interviewed with this supervisor once before, so I knew her style and felt very confident.  It was taking awhile to hear about the decision of who got the job.  I started to get worried and anxious about what I was going to do if I didn't get the job.  During all my complaining and whining, Angelina sent my resume out to all kinds of job postings on the internet.  I was having a hard time dealing with the fact that I might have to leave the credit union to find a better career.  One evening at the gym, I was thinking about possibly leaving the credit union, I prayed about it, and realized that I could leave if I needed to.  That evening with that peace in my heart, I slept the best I had in awhile.  That morning when I got to work, I had an email fom the loan ops supervisor asking to meet with me.  This was the moment, I was either going to have the job, or have to keep looking.  We met in the breakroom, and she told me that she wanted to offer me the position.  I had the BIGGEST grin on my face and I couldn't make it go away.  She told me that if I needed time to think about if I wanted to accept the position I had a few days.  I told her that I had been thinking about it since before the interview and I would love to take the job.  I finished up the three weeks until I officially switched jobs by training the other auditor.  I started last Monday and I absolutely love it!  I'll do more updates later, I have to get to bed so I can make sure I'm not late on my second Tuesday.

Thanks for tuning back in, and I'll be trying to keep the Fleming Files updated better.

Special Thanks to the people at Mind the Net Goaltending!  A very encouraging message from them in a post at has me motivated to write more here.

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