Monday, March 21, 2011

File #:2 Subject: Skills in Net?

So, here are a couple of videos of me in net.  This was last summer, and before I played on skates.  I think I'm getting better with my skates, but it's been like relearning how to walk.  My left to right movement has taken a few steps backwards, but I just need some more time on them to get my confidence back.

This first video is of me making a sweet kick save.

This next video is of a shot that I thought had cradled in my elbow, but it had actually gotten through me (you can see it to my left).  Also, this video shows the helmet that Angelina bought me for my birthday! It's pretty much freakin' awesome, red, black, and white camo.

This summer I will be able to post more videos, and hopefully we all will be able to see a difference in my skill level.  Between more time playing, and off ice training (all training exercises taken from, my skill level should be noticeably better.

Here's to keeping your stick on the ice, and a quick glove hand!


  1. I would love to work out with you! Meg does a lot of training for Roller Derby and I've tried to keep up with her. Some of her exercises may be useful to you. Let me know!

  2. @Pupper Mom, That would be fun. I follow a goalie routine pretty closely, but I like finding new cross training exercises.

    Also, could anyone tell that it was towards the end of the game and I was dead tired during the lkick save video? Haha!