Friday, March 25, 2011

File #:6 Subject: CPR

I have a renewed title today: Ryan Fleming CPR - Certified Public Resuscitator

Not really, I know CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.  Today my CPR certification was renewed.  I've enjoyed being CPR certified for the past three years and also have enjoyed not having to use my training.  Every time I take the class, I start to worry that I'll panic if an emergency ever arises and freeze.  Compressing on a dummy I'm sure is a lot different than compressing on a human.  It's always good to know that if the emergency happens at work, there are other people around me that are certified also that can help.  If it ever happens in public, I try to remember that 50% of the businesses in this town are hospitals, so there's got to be a better qualified nurse somewhere close.  This is good knowledge to have, but I hope I never have to use it, especially on someone close to me.

On a lighter note about today, the trainer was the best trainer we've had.  She was very enthusiastic and made the training easier to understand.  The whole class was thinking more about different scenarios that have never been covered, and asking questions.  She was able to give us answers to all of them, even if some of them weren't "covered in the curriculum".

I also had practice on my whole "personal bubble complex", as I was the volunteer to have the proper Heimlich positioning demonstrated on.  Which worked out, because when I was at a restaurant later and the manager came to my table and put his hand on my shoulder, I didn't need someone to Heimlich the burger out of my throat.  So I think I can call that a personal victory!

Before I leave to go watch the UK game with my best friend, I'm going to show you this PSA on CPR from AK, I hope you HA HA.

"Take some time to learn first aid and CPR. It saves lives, and it works." - Bobby Sherman

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