Wednesday, March 23, 2011

File #:4 Subject: Hockey and Yard Work

I need help! The local Parks and Rec wants to tear down the roller rink I play hockey at for a "redesign that will serve a significant public need with playground, eventual pavilions, and a destination that will serve multi-generational families.”  Which is BS! The park has PLENTY of space to put up thousands of playgrounds and millions of pavilions, without tearing down the rink.  If you are reading this, and would like to help me and all the other hockey players out here by sending the parks and rec deputy director an email asking him not to tear it down because you know it gets used, let me know and I will give you his contact information.  I am almost in panic mode about this, because I will have no place to play if it gets tore down.  Angelina has really helped me not wig out about this.  Hopefully I can make it until we finally hear word about the rinks future.

On a better hockey note: SABRES WON LAST NIGHT!  Shutout for #30 Ryan Miller, and 2 goals for Nathan Gerbe.  Sabres are still 3 points ahead of Carolina in ninth place, with only nine games to go.  I have started my playoff beard early this year to help will the Sabres into the playoffs.  Here's a sneak peak at it before I start posting pregame picture on facebook during the playoffs.

Next subject! Yard work was started today, and taking out those bushes went surprisingly well. I have them all cut down.  Now I need to work on getting the roots out, the leaves and trash cleaned up, and the grass planted. I made sure to keep a picture log so that I could see the progression of this project. Here are today's pictures:
 Proof that it is actually me working on this project.
 This is what it looks like with the bushes gone! The yard looks so much bigger now.
Only part of the pile that I made.

Now I need to just make sure that I actually make time to finish it up.  After seeing how it looked when it was all cleared out, I'm sure that I will make time.  I'm really excited to see how it looks when it's fnished.  More pictures to come later.

"Every day is a great day for hockey." - Mario Lemeiux

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